White Pine County Justice Center

Ely, Nevada / 2022

The new White Pine County Justice Center is part of an overall public safety campus improvement project in Ely, Nevada. The campus improvement project consists of the new 2 story 32,500 sf courthouse, 18,000 sf 126 bed jail addition and expansion onto the existing White Pine County Sheriff’s office, exterior secure staff parking, exterior secure sheriff’s impound vehicle yard and public parking areas. The jail addition and the courthouse are connected with a new secure sallyport garage. The courthouse has 4 courtrooms. 2 smaller judicial courts and 2 larger district courts with full jury capabilities. The interiors of the courthouse have been designed to reflect the traditional woodwork normally associated with courthouses with copper accents throughout to pay homage to local mining history of the area. There are also full public service counters for any and all court proceedings. A controlled public vestibule keeps the facility secure.