Moscow Police Services Facility

Moscow, Idaho / 2021

Lombard/Conrad Architects assisted the City of Moscow and their Police Department to develop concepts and supporting materials for a new, modern police facility. These materials successfully advertised the concepts to the community which resulted in the support for the bond election of 2019. The proposed new design provides nearly 16,000 square feet of new facilities with the secured yard space necessary for police and staff safety. This 20-year planning solution resulted from the close work of the city staff and our design team.

These efforts included the initial programming and conceptual planning of the facility. Finally developing floor and site plans, concept renderings and cost modeling. By leveraging techniques to reduce initial costs, such as the development of outbuildings. The facility provides for the internal spaces necessary now and for the growth needs of the future. In total, this 20,000 square foot solution provides the city and the public with a visible, meaningful addition to the city of Moscow. It is a commitment to the community and an investment in the wellbeing of the city. The accessibility to the community provides for a safe, efficient, and responsible use of tax dollars to support a growing city.