Twin Falls Re-Entry Center

Twin Falls, Idaho / 2020

A re-entry center is a resource for correctional institutions focused on reintroducing inmates back into their community.  In this facility, and others like it, inmates can establish job connections, receive counseling, and take advantage of a variety of other services that teach them necessary skills required to live in society.

Twin Falls Re-Entry Center opened their doors in October of 2020 for the first time after renovating and expanding two existing buildings on the same site.  Re-entry facilities usually house all their space under one roof but since the selected site had two existing buildings that could be integrated into the program, Lombard/Conrad worked with Idaho Department of Corrections to transform these buildings to house a robust program.  Expanding the kitchen, dining, recreation, toilet/shower, and visitation facilities from their existing layout allowed the facility to serve an additional 40 people bringing the total to 160 inmates.