Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Justice Center

Fort Hall, Idaho / 2009

The Justice Center is the heart of law enforcement on the Reservation. The architectural solution formed around the ‘Circle of Justice’ concept representing the indigenous tribal justice system, defined by a circular plaza and entry of pre-cast concrete piers. The ‘Circle of Justice’ also became the center from which components of the program were organized.

The state-of-the-art facility houses a jail, juvenile services center, courts, and the police department. The courts include three courtrooms, Public Defender, Prosecuting Attorney, and support spaces. Juvenile Services has 20 beds with a medical examination room, a classroom, dayrooms, office space, and a multiple-purpose room, visitation area, and dedicated outdoor recreation area as well as segregated access to the judicial or courts area.

Clear and secure internal circulation between the areas was a top priority for the safety of staff, judges, inmates, juveniles and the public.

Accolades – The building received an award of merit from the American Institute of Architects.