Nichols Accounting Office Building

Nampa, Idaho / 2017

Located in the new Idaho Center Development of Nampa, the Nichols Accounting Firm is a 10,000 square foot office space that features 7,000 square foot of office space with a 3,000 square foot of leased space, planned for future growth space.

The contemporary feel settles well with the Northwest modern look the Client was hoping for, while still fitting in with the context of the neighborhood around it. The building’s shed roof concept pushes the boundaries into individuality, then touches back to its locality through the use of EIFFs and stone, while rust panels on its facade place a special link to its Idaho identity. The interior of the building draws on these same characteristics, combining the modern and the vernacular to produce an office identity of warmth and originality.

Entering the building, one is met with high ceilings and contemporary light fixtures, giving a sense of grandiosity to the space. Designed to allow light to peer into its open office spaces located on each side of the building, light penetrates into its building core of private offices and hallways. Meeting spaces of various sizes accommodate clients and guests while also allowing patio access and outdoor spill-out space.

The large breakroom at the back of the building transforms for special events, opening up to the lobby space in front of it and then to the outdoor space behind it. This transformative space creates an intermediary space connecting the out and indoors for gathering, community entertainment, and relaxation.