Chinden Campus – Building 2

Boise, Idaho / 2019

Located on Chinden Blvd. Building 2 is part of a large campus and a larger renovation and upgrade effort.  This space comes in at 174,400 s.f. split between two floors with large open floor plan concepts.  The main occupants of this building are various Idaho State departments so one of the driving design factors was to organize the building to create public and semi-public spaces oriented towards customer service while still providing security and a safe office environment for staff members.

With such large open floor plans and tall floor to floor heights, maximizing natural daylighting also played an important role in developing this design. Other features of this design include a variety of conference room sizes and uses from very formal to informal for both private and public.  Accent colors and pathways reflected on both the floor and ceiling were used to provide easy wayfinding and break up the large open office space.