Idaho Central Credit Union Headquarters Building

Chubbuck, Idaho / 2007

The Idaho Central Credit Union Headquarters Building consists of a four-story, 68,000 square foot office building on a five acre site. The new building has been programmed to accommodate growth for several years. The building footprint was designed to maximize daylighting into the open office space. Exterior shading devices and interior light shelves are designed to provide diffused daylight and block direct glare.

To increase the flexibility of the interior office space, the building has an underfloor air distribution system and underfloor electrical / power / data distribution system.

A central core for offices with low profile systems furniture allows flexibility and daylight to penetrate deeper into the space. Throughout the interior corridors, several break-out zones create opportunities for cross-departmental employee engagement, including a coffee bar and a variety of small seating areas with white boards. Traditionally utilitarian circulation zones feature an area with all employee photos as well as art and job-well-done recognition displays.

The site was master planned to determine the best building placement for the new headquarters building and to maximize the site for future building phases.