Hugh Nichols Public Safety Building

Nampa, Idaho / 2011

The previous City of Nampa Police Department facility was built in 1977 to house 28 officers. Since that time the city has grown to become the second largest city and police department in the state. The new public safety facility housed police and fire administration in a three level 64,000 SF building with an attached 270 secure parking garage. Included within the design are dispatch, patrol and detective areas, public records, as well as a 5,100 square foot training area designed to accommodate the department’s local training needs, regional training seminars and other events. Security concerns were incorporated into the design with defensible zones, pedestrian paths, and secure vehicular access. The new public safety building provides flexibility to accommodate the needs of the growing community and provides a powerful civic image for the citizens of Nampa. This project is LEED Silver Certified.

“Your design is simply a great addition to the community of Nampa. You could not have been more accommodating in your approach to giving us the building we wanted.” -Leroy Forsman, Chief of Police, Nampa Police Department.

This project is LEED Silver Certified