Washington Elementary Addition

Boise, Idaho / 2021

This elementary school addition sought to address numerous existing issues across the site.  The first consideration was how to build onto a historic building while maintaining the original character.  The physical link between the old and new is celebrated at the new main entry to the school. Existing exterior masonry remains exposed as you move from outside, continuing through the interior hallway. Materials of the addition were carefully selected to have a modern voice while not detracting from the historic quality of the existing structure.

New spaces include a library, gymnasium and new classrooms.  The new library allows for flexible seating areas with themed book shelving. Tall North windows and corridor windows allow natural light to filter through and offers clear, unobstructed visual observation for increased security. The new gymnasium space was designed to house the functions of gym, cafeteria and auditorium with the flexibility to meet other needs that might arise. The three new classrooms relocate functions that are currently located in portable buildings on site into the main facility opening up more of the site to function as playground.