St. Luke’s Meridian Chapel

Meridian, Idaho / 2016

This newly constructed addition to the southeast side of the hospital needed to first provide a place of reverence and secondly to blend into the existing facade without appearing as an addition.

The Chapel serves patients, their families and employees as a place for worship, meditation or a moment of reflection. The incorporation of existing exterior columns combines the iconic St. Luke’s brick with warm wood tones, lush flooring and dramatic imagery that takes visitors out of the Hospital setting for that very moment.

Upon entering the Chapel, visitors are lured by decorative glazing at the existing corridor. Once inside, the eye is drawn to the front alter with dramatic lighting washing the white stone ledger, taking the focus upward to vaulted ceiling clouds against a black background, emphasizing the grandeur and height of the space. The existing exterior wall (not interior) is adorn in an opaque twig patterned glass, making the space distant from the busy corridor on the other side and instantly giving a sense of sanctuary. At the adjacent exterior wall, a mural of mountain ranges evokes a new sense of place. With its watercolor illusion, the natural daylight filtering through and views to the sky, the Chapel has become a true destination point. Charming accent sconces and warm light level adorn the chapel and luxurious, elegant seating provides the finishing touch to achieve relation and escape.