Saint Alphonsus Stereotaxis Lab

Boise, Idaho / 2012

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center engaged Lombard Conrad Architects to bring a state-of-the-art stereotaxis lab to their campus. Due to the power of the magnets used in the equipment, the existing cath lab was retrofitted with multiple shielding techniques in the walls, windows and doors.

An enhanced technology control room provides unobstructed views to the lab area, not only through the vision glass, but also with the aid of multiple large format monitors. Custom storage cabinets were located to accommodate the vast array of support equipment.

Outside the lab, three prep/recovery rooms provide staging and monitoring of patients. The lab, as well as the patient rooms, are monitored by a central nurse area all designed in accordance with hospital code standards.

The interior design reflects all the latest standards adopted by Saint Alphonsus. The flooring within the lab incorporated four colors to graphically indicate equipment movement as well as darker zones.

The new lab is an invaluable addition to the Saint Alphonsus service offering and is providing to be well worth the investment.