Morrison Center for the Performing Arts

Boise, Idaho / 1983

Located on the campus of Boise State University, the Morrison Center is a joint project between Boise State University, the City of Boise, the Morrison Foundation and the State of Idaho.

The triangular shaped lobby enables three theater and rehearsal halls to share the same support facilities (lobby, dressing rooms, backstage, loading docks). Entering the main lobby, one is swept up a grand stairway and turned to face the park and the scenic Boise River.

The 2,030 seat Orchestra Hall utilizes acoustics with side wall reflection of sound. The acoustical environment can be tailored for specific speech or music functions using of a sound shell that projects the sound energy outward toward the audience. Extending or retracting sound absorptive draperies from sidewalls or overhead can alter reverberation time by a full second and a half.