Meridian City Hall

Meridian, Idaho / 2008

The Meridian City Hall is a 100,000 s.f. building located in the heart of downtown Meridian, Idaho. The building program combines ten city departments; all designed to accommodate growth projections through twenty-five years. The public building also offers a community meeting room, city council chambers with seating exceeding two-hundred, and a multi-use gallery space adjacent to the Mayor’s office. Special attention was paid to safety and the separation of public and private areas while focusing on a timeless, welcoming design throughout the building.

The overall design challenge was to create an original and innovative building within the historical context of downtown Meridian. Building materials include brick, cast stone, generous glazing and a feature curved metal roof at the entry. The brick blends and compliments the existing architecture within the Old-Town District, while the juxtaposition of the smooth cast stone makes a statement to the future. By combining classic materials and proportions with modern elements, the design is respectful to Meridian’s heritage, but celebrates the future of a growing population and ever changing urban fabric. Meridian City Hall is LEED certified.