Brent Pitts

Sr. Project Manager

Brett is what we look for in a project manager – sharp, stays ahead of schedule, loves to create a beautiful set of drawings and shuffle lots of paper. Brian has an incredible imagination which helps in every phase of design, from the initial drawings to the final change order. Bert has worked with us for over three decades and has an unmatched depth of knowledge in detention facilities. If you need to break out of jail, Brad is the guy to know.

Bart is creating a woodworking shop in his garage, where he loves to blast Rush over the noise of the table saw. In his quieter times, Burt and his wife enjoy spending time with their son and traveling in the Pacific Northwest. In his noisier times he enjoys watching the Washington Capitals hockey team win the Stanley Cup. Please, call me Brent.


The School of Hard Knocks



Brent Pitts Picture