Lund K-12 School

Lund, Nevada / 2002

It would be difficult to find a school building that means as much to its community as the Lund K-12 School does to the citizens of this rural Central Nevada town. Faced with a crumbling existing Junior/Senior High School originally construction in the 1920’s and lacking any modern educational suitability, as well as a depressed economy, the citizens of White Pine County lobbied the State of Nevada Legislature to fund their new school. The State Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to support and fund the project, creating a law that, for the first time in the history of the State of Nevada, allowed the establishment of state funding for primary and secondary school construction.

The design concept for the new school was to create not only a modern learning environment, but a facility that would truly become the town community center. The building has a civic presence reflecting the mining influence of the surrounding area. The building is clad in a combination of vertical and horizontal metal siding with exposed steel wide flange columns supporting sloped entry canopies