Tory Culley

CAD Specialist

Raised in Boise, Tory has a broad spectrum of life experiences.  He has worked on flight simulators in San Diego for the Navy, was sent to Germany to be a cook for the Army, and has an impressive 20 years working for the Idaho Department of Corrections under his belt.  He has translated much of this past experience to working with Lombard Conrad’s Justice Studio where his insights are uniquely suited. Tory enjoys the feeling of having a contributing say in what is happening in the projects that he’s working on.

New to the world of drafting and design, his appetite for creating continues outside the office where he works on his own designs and skills in his spare time.  Tory and his wife enjoy bike riding, and trying to keep up with their two grandsons.


College of Western Idaho - Associate of Drafting



Tory Culley Picture